Be Mortgage Ready


How to prepare for a Supreme Loan experience!

All Borrowers:

  • Copies of W-2’s and signed tax returns for last two years.
  • Copies of paycheck stubs for last 30 days (most current).
  • Copies of checking and saving account statements for last two months (all pages).
  • Copies of quarterly or semi-annual statements for checking, sharing etc.
  • Copy of Sales Contract (when available)
  • Employment history last two years (address any gaps in employment).
  • Residency history last two years, with name, phone number, address, and account number of landlord or a mortgage statement. For rental property; copies of leases plus mortgage information, property tax, HOI.
  • Canceled earnest money check (when it clears) or corresponding bank statement, if applicable.
  • Any assets used for down payment, closing cost, and cash reserves must be documented by a paper trail.
  • Copy of social security card and driver’s license.
  • If paid off mortgage in the last year, need copies of CD/HUD1 or release of lien.
  • Refinance copy or note, settlement statement, survey.

Documents Which May Be Required:

  • Relocation Agreement if move is financed by employer, i.e. buyout agreement plus documentation outlining company paid closing costs benefits.
  • Previous bankruptcy – need copies of petition for bankruptcy and discharge, including supporting schedule.
  • Divorce Decree if applicable.
  • Documentation supporting monies received from social security/retirement trust income, i.e. copies of direct deposit bank statements, awards letter, evidence income will continue.

Self-Employed Borrowers Additional Documents:

  • Copies of signed business tax returns for last two years.
  • YTD Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Copy of Business License or CPA contact information.
  • 1099s or K1 forms.

Documents Needed for FHA/VA Loans:

  • FHA: Copy of social security card for each applicant and co-applicant.
  • VA: Original certificate of eligibility and copy of DD214 discharge paper.
  • VA: Name and address of nearest living relative.

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