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Welcome to one of the most efficient and service-oriented mortgage experiences in America!

Supreme Lending was founded in 1999 with one goal in mind – to improve the mortgage process. And since then, we have been doing just that. Here, we deliver exceptional service and some of the fastest turntimes in the industry.

Experience what it’s like to be a priority when you work with my team. We will provide you with assistance in navigating what can be a confusing array of mortgage requirements, and really make the process incredibly simple and even enjoyable.

My team will stay in touch with you throughout the process and get your home closed quickly and conveniently. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing our goal is have your loan clear to close in 20 days or less so you can focus on all the other details you are faced with.

Whether this is your first mortgage loan or your 1,000th, make it a Supreme one!


Supreme Lending Gaithersburg

6 Montgomery Village Ave #350, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Gaithersburg, MD

NMLS #1862856
6 Montgomery Village Ave #350
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Our Team Of Professionals

Addy Jolly

Regional Manager

NMLS #198801

Direct: 240.720.3637

Cell:  240.644.5139

Fax: 240.720.3653

Email | Website

Sumaira Abbasi

Loan Officer

NMLS #269454

Cell: 571.218.7189


Email | Website

Julie Brewer

Production Manager

NMLS #1662184

Direct: 240.720.3591

Cell:  240.476.8663

Fax: 240.720.3596

Email | Website

Christian Cartwright

Non-Producing Sales Manager

NMLS #217271

Direct: 240.720.3588

Cell:  301.401.8583

Fax: 240.720.3593

Email | Website

Judith Campos

Non-Producing Branch Manager

Cell:  301.366.3645


Mo Cole

Loan Officer

NMLS #254814

Direct:  240.720.3592

Email | Website

Ed Creque

Loan Officer

NMLS #572270

Cell:  301.452.1596

Email | Website

Richard DeParis

Loan Officer

NMLS #219174

Direct: 304.596.8909

Cell:  703.727.6918

Fax: 304.707.0845

Email | Website

Anita George

Loan Officer

NMLS #1088690

Direct: 240.720.3637

Cell:  301.512.1113

Fax: 240.720.3649

Email | Website

Glenda Rodriguez

Loan Officer

NMLS #1145147

Cell:  240.299.9095

Email | Website

Sonia Rubio

Loan Officer

NMLS #1853236

Direct: 240.720.3647

Cell:  301.674.8790


Email | Website

Gene Wilkes

Loan Officer

NMLS #208159

Direct: 240.720.3641

Cell: 301.758.8337

Fax:  240.720.3652

Email | Website

Melissa Willoby

Producing Branch Manager

NMLS #577087

Cell: 703.945.4895

Fax: 703.663.7154

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